Side Chick Zine!


I have now taken control of my own website and wanted to share a little something with you all. I am very proud to introduce the SIDE CHICK E-Zine! And despite what you might think, it does not promote or celebrate BEING at side chick at all. Read below:

side chick_2 side chick_3 side chick_4 side chick_5

Back when I released ‘Side Chick’ we worked on a really cool e-zine as a part of the campaign, which we never released. I decided to do it anyway, even a few months later, because I am very proud of my work and what we achieved.

I wanted to address always looking at a story form both ends. Being a Side Chick certainly isn’t acceptable, but being the man responsible for it isn’t either. I still stand by point of view; and will carry on communicating controversial messages through my music. That’s what I love to do and will carry on doing, whether my music and lyrics are appreciated by many or nobody at all.

We tried to make it fun and entertaining, so I hope you will enjoy reading this little publication worked really hard on! Luv, D.