My 2017 Resolutions (Realistic)

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1. Make more music for pleasure

2. See the glass half full

3. Take my makeup off every single night

4. Eat breakfast every day & wake up earlier

5. Never take into account people’s opinion who don’t matter

6. Never criticize with no knowledge of the subject

7. Do more outdoor activities

8. Get a REAL pair of glasses… recently realized I needed them

9. Work with a charity organisation

10. Spread positivity

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11. Unfollow silly / uninspiring social media accounts

12. Try not to take my family for granted

13. Get more SLEEP!

14. Sit up straight when I’m working or watching videos

15. Say YES more often

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16. Never judge a book by it’s cover

17. Do things that make me happy more often

18. Make more effort to look cute (no more leggings and sports bra unless necessary)

19. Lay off the Japanese rice crackers and try have some vegetables

20. Stop taking things out on the people that I love

This year has definitely been eventful and unexpected! Now that I am finally happy and know that I want, I think these are going to work out! What are your resolutions this year? Tweet me to let me know! @DianaEspir