I’m a Streamer!


I recently just partnered with LIVESTAR and will be streaming everyday during the month of October at 2:00PM (PST)! I’ll be doing chats, makeup tutorials, covers and IF I AM ABLE TO, everyday / lifestyle vlogs.

Streaming seemed weird to me at first as I didn’t really understand the concept / appeal of it. Since participating in a couple of sessions with my friend Lauren Francesca (YouTube.com/IWantMyLauren) I got to actually meet and communicate with an audience directly. The concept is still fairly new in Europe and the US, despite its major success in Asia. Not all people are going to get it or like it, but I absolutely love it and I hope you will too!

All you have to do is download the app, create an account, upload a cool profile picture and start streaming! Showcase anything you like from a talent to simply just chatting to your audience. Read their live messages and interact with your supporters!

I have already met such great people on there! Make sure to follow me – Username: DidiLilMissy !!!